Irish Wolfhound


Askhults Wolfhound family:

from the left, all with the prefix Askhults: Cecily (3,5 years, daughter to Ailish), Ailish 10 years, Brianagh (7 years, daughter to Ailish) and Brianagh's four daughters, all 19 months, Duffy, Doreen, Demelza and Daisy.



Askhults Feilim O'Shaughnessy

Askhults Firinne O'Hanlon

Askhults Gemma O'Hannagan

Askhults Gwenith O'Dowd



Godinis Jenny My Girl

Godinis Rosey My Lady

Godinis Jillianne My Lady

Royal Tramp's Queen Ceridwen (CAC)

Royal Tramp's Lady Deborah Duinseach

SE UCH Warlock's Yrsa

Askhults Abigail O'Hara

SE UCH Askhults Amos O'Sullivan

SE UCH NO UCH Askhults Ailish O'Connor

Askhults Brianagh O'Duffy

Askhults Daisy O'Gallagher

SE UCH Askhults Eileen O'Shea

Askhults Cecily O'Doherty

Askhults Demelza O'Kelly (CAC)

SE UCH Askhults Doreen O'Quinn

Askhults Enya O'Halloran





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