Askhults Brianagh O'Duffy


10/02/2005 - 28/05/2013

Breeder: Charlotte, Catherine & Anita Andersson, Göteborg

Heart examined by ultrasound without remark.

Eyes examined without remark.

Brianagh is from our second Wolfhound litter. She was the only girl in the litter so, of course, she stayed. Brianagh has been shown in puppy class and has become BOB-puppy. She is shown with CQs. Brianagh was the second best bitch at the Wolfhound speciality at Tånga Hed 2007. Brianagh has also got a LC-license. Brianagh is the mother of our D-litter which includes one champion, two CC-winners and 2 CQ-winners.

Brianagh had to be put to sleep due to aspiration pneumonia. She got something in her left lung which damaged it so much that she got a new pneumonia every second month.


Knallåsen's Nereus (2 CCs) SE UCH Knallåsen's Kretheus Knallåsen's Humulus (2 CCs)
SE UCH Knallåsen's Banshee
Knallåsen's A'nnwyn (2 CCs) Knallåsen's X'itt
SE UCH Warlock's Clove
SE UCH NO UCH Askhults Ailish O'Connor (1 LC-CC) INT UCH NORD UCH KBHV-01 Wolfhouse Melody Maker NORD UCH Wolfsbane Pre-Eminence Black Magic
DK UCH Sixpence of Kilmara
Royal Tramp's Lady Deborah Duinseac SE UCH Warlock's Chives
Royal Tramp's Queen Creiddyladd (2 CCs)



Knallåsen's Nereus SE UCH NO UCH Askhults Ailish O'Connor


Brianagh 4 months


Brianagh 3 months


Brianagh 4 months


Brianagh 6 months


Brianagh 7 months


Brianagh 16 months


Brianagh 20 months


Brianagh 2 years


Brianagh 4 years photo: Jessica Bolander


Brianagh 5 years


Irish Wolfhound

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