Catherine with SUCH Mrs O'Connor and SUCH NUCH Wenwil's Becky O'Keelagh with Lotta at the Sighthound Club show in Mölnlycke in May 1979. Becky had been mated to SUCH Innsetlia's Tore Hund and we waited for a bitch puppy.


Rosey 22 months at the beach.


Ghazin as Jultomten


BOS CC Gwendelly's Hunterriverwolf and BOB CC Warlock's Yrsa at SKK Vännäs 020609. Photo: Carina Pettersson


Alistair standing on his favourite chair in Lotta's kitchen


Askhults Ambrose O'Neill BOS and Askhults Ailish O'Connor BOB at SKK Växjö INT 20041107. Photo: Jonas Olsson


Ailish's litter 2 days


Amalthea is bathing - her favourite hobby


BOS and CC Askhults Baldric McGinnis and BOB SUCH NUCH Jaraluv Sarah of Value Vue at SvVK/V Tånga Hed 2007.


BOS, CACIB and CC Askhults Basil McPherson and BOB and CACIB SUCH NUCH Jaraluv Sarah of Value Vue at SKK Borås INT 2007.


Askhults Baldric McGinnis and Askhults Bertram McQuade in Malmö 20080315


BOB CACIB SUCH Askhults Bess McLugash & BOS CC CHAMP CACIB Askhults Baldric McGinnis


Tvååker 11/7 BOB CC Askhults Bertram McQuade & BOS SUCH Askhults Amelia McQuade
Tvååker 12/7 BOB SUCH Askhults Ambrose O'Neill & BOS Dragon Light's Zawadi



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