Askhults Ailish O'Connor


22/01/2002 - 13/02/2012

Breeder: Charlotte, Catherine & Anita Andersson, Göteborg

Heart examined by ultrasound without remark, the last time when she was 10 years old.

Eyes examined witout remark.

HD-status: A - A

Ailish is from our first Wolfhound litter and was at first placed in another home with shared ownership but she has moved back to us. Take a look at her brothers and sisters at the A-litter page. Ailish is shown and has recieved CQs and has several best bitch placements and four CCs, three Swedish and one Norwegian. She ha also won 1 CACIB and 2 BOB. She has also become BOS-junior and BIS-4 youngster at Sighthound Specialities and BIS-youngster at a breed speciality. Ailish has also got her lure coursing license and working class merits and she has also won one race with CC. Ailish is the mother of our B-litter which includes one CQ winner and our C-litter.

At the 13th of February 2012 she was put to sleep due to a gastric torsion.



INTCH NORD UCH KBHV-01Wolfhouse Melody Maker BIS-3 winner at DKK show NORD UCH Wolfsbane Pre-Eminence Black Magic INT UCH SE UCH NO UCH Pre-Eminence's Gentle On My Mind
NO UCH Violet Dickson O'Marksbay
DK UCH Sixpence of Kilmara INTCH HOLLCH LUXCH Nasch from the Good Heart
INTCH BELGCH HOLLCH LUXCH Miss Marple from the Good Heart
Royal Tramp's Lady Deborah Duinseach SE UCH Warlock's Chives INT UCH SE UCH NO UCH Solstrand Qvist
SE UCH NO UCH Warlock's Expression
Royal Tramp's Queen Creiddyladd (2 CC) INT UCH NORD UCH DKUCH Royal Tramp's Sir Lionel
Rovaleco's Brisk Bessie


INTCH NORDUCH KBHV-01 Wolfhouse Melody Maker Royal Tramp's Lady Deborah Duinseach


Ailish 9 years


Ailish 5 months


Ailish 18 months


Ailish 2,5 years


Irish Wolfhound

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