Godinis Jillianne My Lady


25/02/1989 - 05/12/1993

Breeder: Ulla Godin, Mölndal

HD-status: 3

Jillianne was a very special dog. She loved to be dressed with clothes and she was always with us when we were working. She was also very interested in everything where water was involved. Jilli was only shown as a puppy beacause she got osteochondrosis in her knee when she was nine months. She also had hip dysplasia but she had never any problems with that. She died early because she ate something that poisoned her.


INTUCH NORDUCH Witchesbroom Sirus CANCH USCH Roskruge Richelieu of Witchesbroom Witchesbroom Hemlock
Roskruge Helge
Witchesbroom Cauldron GBCH Witchesbroom Wizard
Witchesbroom Magic
Godinis Rebecka My Lady SUCH SFUCH Godinis Dobbin My Lad SUCH Royden McGinty
Godinis Beersheba My Girl (1 CC)
Godinis Joanna My Lassie (2 CC) SUCH Innsetlia's Tore Hund
SUCH NUCH Wenwil's Becky O'Keelagh


Godinis Rebecka My Lady 7 years


Jillianne 4 months


Irish Wolfhound

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