Askhults Demelza O'Kelly

18/06/2010 - 25/01/2019


Demelza is from our fourth Wolfhound litter and Brianagh's first litter. She has been shown in puppy class and become BOB and BIG-2 puppy. At her first start at an official show she won her first CAC and was 3rd best bitch.

Magh Itha's Goya (1 CC, 2 LC-CC)

Hammond Surycan

Alva Surycan
Xana v Schloss Neuschwanstein

Magh Itha's Hatshepsut

Magh Itha's Charming Cecar
Magh Itha's Colleen


Askhults Brianagh O'Duffy (LC-license)

Knallåsen's Nereus (2 CCs)

SE UCH Knallåsen's Kretheus
Knallåsen's A'nnwyn (2 CCs)


Askhults Ailish O'Connor

INT UCH NORD UCH KBHV-01 Wolfhouse Melody Maker
Royal Tramp's Lady Deborah Duinseac


lillen brianagh
Magh Itha's Goya
Askhults Brianagh O'Duffy


Demelza 9 months


demlza 5 man
Demelza 5 months


demelza 3man demelza3man
Demelza 3 months


Irish Wolfhound

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