Askhults Finnegan O'Doyle's offspring



Litter 1: 26/06/2016 Mother: Manowar Hilda In Dawn 1+3

SE UCH DK UCH Manowar Gilligan Hifi - Father to one litter at kenel Manowar

SE UCH Manowar Georgia Hifi

Manowar Gwendolen Hifi

Manowar Gabriele Hifi

Litter 2 : 01/12/2016 Mother: SE UCH DK UCH Manowar O'Mega 1+5

Manowar Henry Fincks

Manowar Helmine Fincks

Manowar Hiolair Fincks

Manowar Hazel Fincks BOB-puppy

Manowar Henriette Fincks

Manowar Havanna Fincks - Shown with CQ and has one R-CAC

Litter 3: 10/06/2017 Mother: SE UCH Askhults Eileen O'Shea 5+3

Askhults Garreth O'Cleary

Askhults Gilroy O'Byrne

Askhults Godfrey O'Hagan

Askhults Gallagher O'Kane

Askhults Griffin O'Dwyer

Askhults Gemma O'Hannagan BOB-puppy

Askhults Grace O'Flanagan

Askhults Gwenith O'Dowd BOB-puppy 2 R-CAC




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