Manowar Jerome Huge
Askhults Gwenith O'Dowd


4 males and 4 females (5+4)

Askhults Hurley O'Donnell

Askhults Hagan O'Reilly

Askhults Humphrey O'Bogart

Askhults Higgins O'Sullivan



Askhults Hayley O'Connor

Askhults Hannah O'Neill

Askhults Hermione O'Granger

Askhults Hilary O'Leary




Manowar Jerome Huge

SE UCH Doscartha Hullisen

C.I.B EE CH FI V-16 LT & LV CH NORD JV-15 SE DK FI NO UCH Stern von Welzerberg
FI UCH Doscartha Emily Prentiss

SE UCH Manowar Georgia Hifi

SE UCH Askhults Finnegan O'Doyle
Manowar Hilda In Dawn

Askhults Gwenith O'Dowd

SE UCH Askhults Finnegan O'Doyle

NO UCH Sir Ty O'Marksbay
SE UCH Askhults Doreen O'Quinn

SE UCH Askhults Eileen O'Shea

SE UCH DK UCH Dahmraks Cormac
Askhults Cecily O'Doherty


Pictures of the puppies


Askhults' H-litter 5 days





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