Askhults Gwenith O'Dowd

photo: Jonny Hedberg


Gwenith was at first put in a home with shared ownership but she has moved back home. She has been showed in puppy class and won BOB- and BIG-2 puppy. She has won several CQs in junior class and two R-CAC.



Askhults Finnegan O'Doyle

NO UCH Sir Ty O'Marksbay

Just Me of First Avenue
INT UCH SE UCH NO UCH NO V-09 NO V-11 Wolfhouse Umbrielle

SE UCH Askhults Doreen O'Quinn

Magh Itha's Goya
Askhults Brianagh O'Duffy


Askhults Eileen O'Shea

SE UCH DK UCH Dahmrak's Cormac

DE CH Dahmrak's Kidney
DE CH Dahmrak's Saraid

Askhults Cecily O'Doherty

NO UCH Tir N'a Noir O'Marksbay
SE UCH NO UCH Askhults Ailish O'Connor


finnegan eileen
SE UCH Askhults Finnegan O'Doyle
SE UCH Askhults Eileen O'Shea


Gwenith 8 weeks


Irish Wolfhound

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