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30/11 Very sad news. Our lovely Bess (NORD UCH Askhults Bess Mc Lugash - Deerhound) had to be put to sleep. Bess had problems with her intestinals because of two operations when she had eaten something that couldn't get out the correct way. When she, for the third time, ate something bad it was not an option to operate her again.

28/11 Askhults Demelza O'Kelly (Wolfhound) was shown at Boxerklubben's puppy show. She became BOB and group 2nd puppy.

20/11 Askhults Doreen O'Quinn (Wolfhound) was at her first show, SvVK/V Axevalla. She was BOB and BIS-3 baby.

31/10 Askhults Daisy O'Gallagher and Askhults Demelza O'Kelly (Wolfhounds) was at their first show, SPK/v Bohus. Daisy was BOB and group first puppy. Demelza came 2nd with HP. Judge was Björn Einarsve.

24/10 The boys in the Wolfhound D-litter was shown for the first time. Askhults Declan O'Rourke was BOB-puppy and Askhults Douglas O'Connell was 2nd with HP at Blekingemästaren.

25/09 At the Wolfhound Speciality in Älmhult Askhults Brianagh O'Duffy came 2nd in class 5-7 years with HP. She also was the 6th best bitch (only five are placed) and she won "Best head and expression". Judge was Csilla Juhász, Glor Na Gael kennel, Hungary.

12/09 NORD UCH Askhults Basil McPherson (Deerhound) was placed as 4th best dog at SKK Sofiero INT.

24/08 Very sad news. Askhults Alfred McNoble (Deerhound) had to be put today.

10/08 All the Wolfhound puppies in our D-litter were tested for liver shunt yesterday and all the tests were OK.

09/07 Today, at SKK Tvååker INT, our Wolfhound Askhults Cecily O'Doherty came second in intermediate class with CQ and 4th best bitch. Our Deerhound Askhults Camelia McCullen was BOB-puppy. Judge for both breeds was Roel van Veen-Keur, NL.

03/07 Our Norfolk Terrier Askhults Bilbo Maltesson was shown at SKK Borås today. He won open class with CQ but wasn't placed in best male class. Judge was Peter Green, USA.

19/06 The Deerhound NORD UCH Askhults Basil McPherson was shown at Jönköping INT today. He became 2nd best dog with R-CACIB. Judge was Stefan Sinko.

18/06 Our Wolfhound Askhults Brianagh O'Duffy gave birth to three dogs and four girls on the 18th of June. All are brindle. Father is Magh Itha's Goya.

06/06 Our Norfolk Terrier Askhults Bilbo Maltesson was 2nd best male at SKK Vänersborg Nat. Judge was Jesus Pastor.

13/05 Askhults Camelia McCullen ( Deerhound) was BOB-puppy at Western LC clubs unofficial show in Mölndal. Askhults Cecily O'Doherty (Wolfhound) was BOB and BIS-3 at the same show. Judge for both breeds was Lena Niklasson, Manowar Wolfhounds and Affenpinschers.

02/05 Askhults Camelia McCullen (Deerhound) was BOB and BIG-2 puppy at Pudelklubbens unofficial show. Askhults Cecily O'Doherty (Wolfhound) was BOB and BIG-2 at the same show.

18 & 19/04 Our Wolfhound Askhults Brianagh O'Duffy was mated to Magh Itha's Goya.

27/02 Our Deerhound puppy Askhults Camelia McCullen was shown for the first time. She became BOB-puppy and she also won the group. We didn't stay for the final. We also showed Askhults Cecily O'Doherty (Wolfhound) and she became BOB and BIG-3.


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