C.I.B NORDUCH Skahera's Robert De Niro
Askhults Camelia McCullen



5 dogs and 3 bitches

Askhults Duncan McGowan

Askhults Dougal McIntosh

Askhults Dermot McLean

Askhults Dominic McGregor

Askhults Desmond McMillan

C.I.B. SE UCH NO UCH DK UCH NO V-13 Askhults Diana McKinley

Askhults Danielle McQueen

C.I.B NO UCH SE UCH DK UCH PL CH NORD V-14 SE JV-13 PL V-13 Askhults Davinia McCabe


C.I.B NORDUCH NV-10 Skahera's Robert De Niro US CH Jaraluv Michael

US CH Jaraluv Kobe

US CH Jaraluv Silver Charm
INT UCH NORD UCH WW-08 WW-09 Troon Cornelia Cinnilla DE CH Cäsar Vom Blausteinsee
INT UCH NORD UCH NO V-03 NORD V-03 SE V-03 Jaraluv Karaoke
Askhults Camelia McCullen (1 CC) SE UCH Grayrory's Drambuie INT UCH NORD UCH NO V-06 NORD V-06 Troon Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow
SE UCH NO UCH NORDJV-03 Grayrory's Moonshell
NORD UCH Askhults Bess McLugash SE LCCH FI LCCH NO LCCH Sorisdale MacLugash
SE UCH Askhults Amelia McQuade


Pictures of the puppies


Camelia with her newborn puppies


Askhults Duncan McGowan

Owner: Mona Bidne & Petter Hoel

Duncan has his own page.


Askhults Dougal McIntosh

Owner: Clara Sjögren

Dougal has his own page .

Askhults Dermot McLean

Owner: Lena Hvarfner

Dermot has his own page.


Askhults Dominic McGregor

Owner: Pernilla Frithiof Jolly

Dominic has his own page .

2 BOB puppy, group 3 puppy and group 4 puppy. Shown with Excellent in junior and intermediate class.

Askhults Desmond McMillan

Owner: Bodil Mattson


Desmond has his own page.

C.I.B. SE UCH NO UCH DK UCH NO V-13 Sieger Rostock -14

Askhults Diana McKinley

Owner: Breeder

Diana has her own page.

BOB-puppy. 4 Swedish CAC , 1 Norwegian CAC, ! German (DWZRV) CAC and 1 VDH CAC, 1 Danish CAC. 3 Swedish CACIB, 1 Norwegian CACIB, 1 German CACIB. 4 BOB, 2 BOS. 1 Group 3rd

Askhults Danielle McQueen

Owner: Trine Leschbrandt

Danielle has her own page.

C.I.B. SE UCH NO UCH DK UCH PL CH DE CH VDH CH NORD V-14 SE JV-13 PL V-13 Winner Donaueschingen -14

Askhults Davinia McCabe

Owner: Marie Gadolin, kennel Hound's & Robert Dirksen, kennel Brassok

Davinia has her own page.

2 BOB-puppy and 2 BIS-2 puppy. 1 BIS (BIG) 1 BOG-2, 1 BOG-3 10 BOB 2 BOS 2 Polish CACIB, 2 German, 1 Norwegian and 2 Swedish, 3 Swedish CAC, 4 VDH CAC, 4 DWZRV CAC, 1 Danish CAC, 1 Norewgian CAC and 3 Polish.

Davinia had to be put to sleep on the 22nd of August 2016 due to an autoimmune disease.



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