SE UCH Askhults Bilbo Maltesson

15/12/2007 - 29/01/2018

Eyes examined without remark.

Bilbo has been on his first show and he became BOB and BOG-puppy. From junior class he has won 1 CC and became BD-3. From intermediate class he has won his second CC. From open class he got his third CC. He also has got one BOS. Bilbo passed away peacefully in his sleep in January 2018.


INT UCH NORD UCH KBHV-06 SV-06 Lurifax Tur I Oturen SE UCH Madfällans Lambert Walk GBCH SE UCH SV-00 Jaeva Square Dance
Madfällans Irma
SE UCH Jiffy Make Or Break SE UCH SV-03 Easy Higher And Higher
DK UCH NO UCH SE UCH V-96 Jiffy Whiz Kid
Askhults Aqua Ghazindotter SE UCH NO UCH Warlock's Ghazin SE UCH Guestlings The Entertainer
Guestlings Quicksilver
SE UCH DK UCH Warlock's Amalthea SE UCH Richell Fire Water
SE UCH Guestlings It's Allright


INT UCH NORD UCH KBHV-06 SV-06 Lurifax Tur I Oturen Askhults Aqua Ghazindotter


Bilbo 2,5 years


Bilbo 7 months photo: Anna-Karin Gagnemyr


bilbo 6 man
Bilbo 6 months


Askhults Bilbo Maltesson 3 months


Norfolk Terrier

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