Askhults Agnes McGrey


01/09/2002 - 03/04/2013

Agnes is the girl that we kept from our first Deerhound litter. Take a look at her brother and sisters at the A-litter page. Agnes has been showed in puppy class and has got HP and has become BOB-puppy and BIS-3 puppy. She also has 2 CCs and 1 BOB from junior class. From youngster class she has 2 CCs, 1 CACIB, 1 BOB and 1 BOS. With her fifth CC she became Swedish show champion. From champion class she has got another CACIB and BOS. She is also Danish champion and has got her Danish CACIB and another BOB. In total she has 5 BOB.

Agnes past away very suddenly in April 2013.


INTUCH NORDUCH DKCH PLCH SUCH NUCH Chapeltower Balzac Chapeltower Zak GBCH Beardswood Eiryn
Ardkinglas Polka
Killoeter Eilidh Ardkinglas Murdo
GBCH Ardkinglas Nina
INTUCH NORDUCH SUCH DKUCH NUCH Chic Aristocrat's Heather Grey INTUCH NORDUCH SV-00,-01 Manticorns Chester INTUCH SUCH NUCH Airescot Andrew Lloyd Webber
INTUCH NORDUCH SV-00 Manticorns Botilda
NORDUCH Chic Aristocrat's Ferrari Grey NORDUCH Beardswood Finbarr
SUCH NUCH Chic Aristocrat's Nikita



INTUCH NORDUCH PLCH Chapeltower Balzac INTUCH NORDUCH Chic Aristocrat's Heather Grey


Agnes 8,5 years


Agnes 6,5 years photo: Agneta Doverholt


Agnes 4 years photo: Agneta Doverholt


Agnes 6 months


Agnes 11 months


Agnes almost 2 years



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